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 Nintendo DS Multi Games  
Cartridge Review  

The Nintendo DS (NDS and DS Lite), a dual-screen hand held gaming console is developed and manufactured by Nintendo. Released in 2004 in Canada, the United States, and Japan, the console features a clamshell design, comparable to the Game Boy Advance SP, with two LCD screens within, with the bottom one being a touch screen.  

In the phraseology of video gaming, Nintendo DS Multi Games offer the ultimate gaming experience. Nintendo DS Multi Games offer the most economical way to enjoy oneself not only when one is alone but also when one is with friends. Traditionally video gaming has been considered to be a social experience. Nintendo DS Multi Games can be played competitively or cooperatively depending upon your friends and your choice.  

As the space on a cartridge is 8 Gigabit, amounting to 110 memory blocks, the game sizes vary from 1 to 16 memory blocks, making the minimum amount of games 7 and the maximum on one cartridge 110 games. Many titles are available under the Nintendo DS Multi Games. These come with various language options and are easily accessible around the world, just a click away. So at the price of one, you can enjoy playing many games. 

Such is its user friendliness that on inserting the Nintendo DS Multi Games, switching the Nintendo DS console on, a list of games are presented such that one can choose any game to play. Some of the best selling titles available under Nintendo DS Multi Games are the best of James Bond 007 like Quantum of Solace, educational titles like “Are you smarter than a 5th grader?” and game packs of Monopoly, Boggle, Yahtzee and Battleship. Classic titles of Mario DS games, Pokemon DS games among others are very popular with kids and adults alike. Parents have the option of buying titles that can add meaning to the interactions with their children.  

Also for greater convenience and safety of the Nintendo DS Multi Games, Nintendo DS Multi Game Case is also available which has space for 3 pieces of Nintendo DS game cards, for 3 pieces of GBA/GBA SP game cards and for 1 stylus pen. It is sturdy as is super protected by "silicon" material of rubber.  

Recently many researches have highlighted the benefits of gaming. Action video game players are more attentive, have better visuomotor skills, are resistant to distraction, sensitive to peripheral vision information and able to count briefly presented objects than non players. Further Nintendo DS Multi Games can be used as a therapeutic tool for different mental health concerns.  
In the educational setup it has been found that playing video games helps to foster creative thinking and is a mechanism of learning by doing. Further Nintendo DS Multi Games can improve the gamers’ dexterity, their problem solving ability and multitasking skills. So safely continue to game on Nintendo DS Multi Games and advise your friends to too.  

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 Nintendo DSi Compatible ?  

If you request a DSi compatible multicart can be made for You. Regular DS multi game cartridges were compatible with NDS and DS Lite and the production is only now switching ower to new design to accomodate all 3 versions of Nintendo DS consoles.

 Nintendo DS Lite  

DS Lite can be used to play Gameboy Advance multicarts that are no longer compatible with DSi because Nintendo removed the GBA slot and substituted it with a SD / SDHC card slot on the DSi.

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